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Why Exhibitors

1, the world's leading industrial automation and robotics industry event, focusing on high-end brands and manufacturing companies involved in the organization industry.

With Southern China's unique geographical advantages and strong manufacturing base, this exhibition will provide participants with more high-value business opportunities.

2, in the field of Equipment Manufacturing in the fierce Competition in the Chinese Market to expand your share.
China is a manufacturing power equipment full of vitality, concern, "ARE Shenzhen 2022 will help you.
Fixing the existing buyers will also bring you the unexpected potential buyers in other emerging areas.
3, To promote you in the field of industrial manufacturing diversified product innovation.
Exhibition launched multiple display plate to attract diverse procurement needs of the audience, the promotion of new products and new products in different areas for the supplier
Supporting services to expand China's regional business, to provide a comprehensive and comprehensive one-stop trading platform.
4, Enhance your ROI
In order to ensure that the exhibitors in the exhibition of investment returns, the organizers will provide a direct mail, telephone marketing, trade matching, advertising, new
Wen coverage, road shows, as well as online platforms and other marketing promotion, to help exhibitors get more extensive cooperation opportunities.

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