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Exhibition Range

Industrial Robots and intelligent plant:
Industrial Robot, Robot Development Platform and Poftware, Robot parts, Mechanical hand, AGV handling car, 3D printing, Industrial 4 intelligent Factory integrated Solutions, Etc.;
Automation Product :
Mechanical transmission, drive system and parts, electronic parts and auxiliary equipment, industrial electrical systems, industrial control system, industrial computer equipment, industrial automation software, interface technology, connectors, low voltage switchgear, man-machine interface device, micro system technology, laser technology, machinery and parts, industrial measurement and instrumentation, industrial communication;
Artificial Intelligence Robot :
Home service robot, intelligent service robot, catering service robot, Yingbin robot, quasi brain robot, child robot, bionic \ real robot, robot education, medical robots, cleaning robot, sensor type robot, interactive robots, autonomous robot, entertainment robot, unmanned aerial vehicles, intelligent commercial robot, inspection robot;
Machine Vision & Sensor Technology :
Image processing system, machine vision integration, intelligent camera and accessories, industrial lens, light source, board, machine vision software package, sensor, grating, etc.;
Non-standard Equipment Customization and Assembly Automation :
The industry custom non standard plane, robot application integration, intelligent assembly and transmission equipment, feeding and connection technology, drive control system test, fixture, and;

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